Wenatchee High School Athletic Hall of Fame

Harry Zier
COACH 1948-60 Track and Basketball; ATHLETIC DIRECTOR 1957-69
A product of Walla Walla and Eastern Washington State College, Harry helped to elevate WHS athletics out of the North Central A League, into the Western Conference and finally into the Columbia Basin League. During thirteen years as athletic director, he ushered Panther coaches and athletes into the modern era of high school competition.

Harry developed a track program that featured outstanding teams and individual marks. He also guided the basketball squad to the 1956 state tournament in Seattle. In the fall of 1957, Harry became athletic director, turned over the reins of the Panther hoop program, but remained head track coach until 1960.

His style was to 'roll-up the sleeves and get the job done'. As Wenatchee World sports editor Dick Pieper noted, "In the fall, he might be seen lining the field, and in the spring he would do much of the physical labor to get the track in shape and he was a one-man gang in running track meets."

A coach with a quiet, unflappable demeanor who managed to teach and motivate athletes to excel, Harry used those same traits to become a highly respected athletic director. His efforts put a stamp of excellence on the entire athletic program.

- Caricatures of inductees as they appeared while involved in WHS athletics and the synopsis of accomplishments are drawn and written by Jeff Mertes.